Language Arts Unit: a Rap Textbook

from Rhys Langston


"Language Arts Unit: A Rap Textbook" is an exploration of rap as theory and praxis, race as form and content, music as social mobilizer and opiate. In a winding, discursive prefatory note Rhys Langston (Podell) utilizes a biting, absurdist humor to seriously appraise the power of words, music, and all manner of extra-lingual connotations in the age of rapid-transit information technologies. As the written half of a multimedia project, what follows are the lyrics from his long play album, written as poems with the clever enjambment of his characteristically idiosyncratic wordplay.

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Length: 104 pages
Publisher: Black Market Poetry
Size: 6"x 9"
ISBN: 978-0-578-22962-1

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Rhys Langston Los Angeles, California

From smoked salmon to freshwater microphones.

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